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Attention PTA, PTO, Elementary Schools, Jr. High Schools, Intermediate Schools, Charter Schools, Fundamental Schools and other school organizations! Andrades provides a total solution to your fundraising efforts. Need funds to pay for books, field trips, uniforms or other costly activities? Let us help your school by selling our healthy and delicious frozen confectionary ice bars. We offer a simple and hassle free sales process that produces great results.

About Us

One thing is for sure, students love our pops! Andrades has been producing healthy and delicous confectionary ice bars for many years. We are a family owned business located in Orange County, California. We provide an array of natural fruit filled ice bars called "paletas". Our bars have been eaten and enjoyed by thousands of students in the Orange and Los Angeles county school districts.  We are committed to providing healthy frozen treats while creating a real solution to your fundraising efforts. Let us help you!

Andrades is the ultimate frundraising program for your school!


Our Pops Rock!

Our frozen fruit filled ice bars are manufactured to comply with California's  Nutrional State Mandate for students, our sorbet fruit filled ice bars are SB12 Compliant.

Low Cost, High Return!

We know that in order for schools to be successful fundraisers they need to make the most profit possible from each sale. Do you know who else knows this? Our current partnering schools! They are making a greater profit margin than any other fundraising program they have done in the past.

Schools are making a higher profit per sale using our service compared to other competitors.

We Provide Everything You Need!

We also provide the necessary equipment for your school. We provide our freezers with no monthly fee!  Each bar is indivdually wrapped making it simple to grab, hand to buyer and collect payment. It's that simple!

Remember, we are trying to help your school to raise money without the risk!

Best Fundraising Program

With new state regulations and cutbacks we know schools need money more than ever. Andrades is committed to help schools become successful fundraisers so your students can benefit the most. Your students deserve it. Don't delay, call today!

(We do not currently supply our products to retail locations eg. markets, liquor stores or mini marts)

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Andrades Fruit Filled Ice Bars

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