Andrades Fruit-Filled Ice Bars

Your School's Fundraising Solution

Pops for profits!

If your school is looking for an easy way to raise funds to buy books, take fieldtrips, purchase uniforms or provide scholarships to your students, we can help.

We provide everything needed to get started with NO UPFRONT COST!

Our company takes great pride in providing a complete turnkey solution in order to facilitate a sales campaign that your PTA, PTO or parents can use in order to create those necessary funds you may need.

Just a few of our popular flavors!

We have many more too!

Strawberry Sorbet - 
It actually has real fruit strawberries...and lots of it.
Lime - 
Freshly squeezed is how we do it... Mango Chile - 
A unique combination of mango and of our best love them! Pineapple - 
So good! We use natural fruits.... real fruits for awesome pops!

Our Ice Bars

Thousands of students are currently enjoying our great tasting ice bars. With flavors like Lime, Strawberry, Mango Chile and Fruit Yogurt we are sure that your students will find their favorite one!

We only use all natural fruit and cane sugar in our fruit base ice bars. Keeping it simple but packed with a good combination of fruits is what sets our pops apart. Kids love our pops!

Oh yeah and we forgot to mention our fruit base ice bars meet California's nutritional standards so you can sell them at your school! Wow!

Our Service

We provide the inventory and freezers needed for you to get started….with absolutely no upfront cost.

Yes we said “no upfront cost”! We understand that it takes money to get things started, so as a courtesy to all schools who give us the opportunity to work with them we won’t charge anything upfront. We know that the moment your students, faculty and parents taste our ice pops they will surely come back and purchase more, and more and more…..great for profits, totally awesome for your school’s fundraising goals.

We are currently servicing Elementary Schools, MIddle Schools and High Schools in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County Metropolitan areas here in sunny Southern California.

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